Why the nearside wing mirror is smaller on my W124 (opinion)

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Oct 22, 2023
Hinckley, Leicestershire
Mercedes Benz E 200 1993
I have owned my E200 for 27yrs and whilst researching you tube, comments about the smaller nearside wing mirror came up, I then realised that I used the nearside wing mirror as a parking aid when I drive it into my garage. Looking down the side from the rear if the wing mirror misses the garage door post then I will not damage the bodywork.
Also as the wing mirror is on the nearside it will be less likely to hit other wing mirrors in tight traffic situations/or be hit by pedestrians when parked near the footpath.
I note that other manufacturers have now fitted FOLDING wing mirrors, perhaps MB was more advanced than we thought.
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It's exactly that. The driver's side mirror is wider for a better view of vehicles overtaking from the offside rear and the passenger side mirror has a taller and more square perspective to assist with kerbside activities.
Every day is a school day. I've often wondered that too when looking at older Benz.
It’s one of the things that I love about (especially older) Mercedes - in that they really think about the cars.
A bit like the window switch illumination goes out when rear windows are disabled, or the little blind that pulls down in the centre of the screen on a w124.
It’s the little things as well as the big ones.
Its the same on more cars than you might think....once you start looking you will realise how many car have a bigger passenger mirror. aside from the reasons above you are looking a a mirror that four of five times further away the the drivers side one....so it makes sense to be bigger. It applied to many 80s and 90s VW and Audi when I was selling them.
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It’s the little things as well as the big ones
Another little thing in 124 coupés and cabriolets (only) is the little window in the passenger door pocket. It was never converted across for rhd vehicles, but it accommodates the service book to act as a visual reminder for the car's next service, which drivers of lhd vehicles would see each time they open the driver's door. I took this pic of my old coupé years ago, so if you've seen this actual pic before, it's mine!

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Safety . I remember seeing Wayne Carini (CCC) looking over a (1980's ?) MB saloon and explaing to the viewers that the missing passenger door mirror was not a fault in that particular car as it was an optional extra in the USA, and the person who ordered that car did not tick that box !! :eek:

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