Wind screen washer jets

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Apr 27, 2014
CLK320 W209
What is the recommended procedure for removing the grill that houses the screen washer nozzles on a clk 320 209. I have removed sufficient bonnet insulation and removed the three allemn headec screws , but still cannot remove the grill ...
IIRC the black bobble on the outside of the bonnet houses a screw aswell.
I thought the black bobble housed the sun sensor?
Thats infront of the RVM next to the rain sensor isnt it?

No, that's the light sensor. Sun sensor is for the a/c, if you have Thermatronic (digital) a/c. The sun sensor is a 4 segment detector for sun intensity and direction. It enables the a/c to automatically adjust heat/cooling and blower speeds to combat solar heat gain inside the car.

Works brilliantly on the 4 zone a/c in the CLS ;)
My issue is that I had one of the four water jets that was weak very weak tried unblocking the nozzle with a pin and that went pear shaped when I snapped the pin off in the nozzle. try as I might I cannot remove the grill . there appear to be some clipd at the edge of the grill furthest from the screen, but I am reluctant to force these off for fear I cannot re fit them ... help please guys ..
IIRC there are 4 screws to remove and then it 'simply' unclips.

Before trying to remove anything why not take off the washer feed pipe and blow air or higher pressure water through the nozzle? You may be able to dislodge the pin and any crap in there?
Yea will try that, so you are saying there are a total of four screws to remove, three from the inside of the bonnet and one located under the black bobble, and that following the removal of these the grill should just lift out/ un-lclip, much appreciate the feed back let me try again many thanks , cheers

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