Windcreen wiper motion W124

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Dec 11, 2003
S124 250TD (1989); S124 E300TD (1995); S211 E320 Sport (2007)
The wiper on my 1995 W124 does not always 'park' in the correct position - and this is especially annoying on intermittent. Indeed it parks in virtually any position, depending where in the cycle I turn it off. The wiper blade is new and my windscreen is clean and 'rain-away' treated. I have regreased the pistion and mechanism under the turtle shell, and used electrical contact cleaner on the relay. The windscreen wiper motor is vigorous. Might I have a problem with the control stalk in the car? Any ideas gratefully received.
Does the intermittent wipe work OK?
If yes,I would suspect the park switch inside the wiper motor.
Yes, the intermittent works, but like medium and fast settings, parks anywhere! Is access to the park switch inside the wiper motor feasible, or is this problem indicative of need for a new motor? The motor is strong. If a switch / contacts are the problem, then I assume that these can be got at, but no doubt this is a labour intensive task which is either expensive or requires some know how! Has anyone done this and can advise? Many thanks for the help so far.

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