Window, ceiling and remote locking problem on w202 1998

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May 10, 2023
C class 1998 break (W202)
Hello, I'm new to the forum and I decided to create an account to try to find a solution to my problem: From time to time, when I get into my car, the left and right front electric windows no longer work. What I also notice is that the ceiling light no longer lights up either, no longer works. Also, the centralization only works in infrared. These three problems seem to be related, and the solution I find is to remove and replace the fuses corresponding to the windows. Once this manipulation is done, everything works again, until a certain moment when this scenario starts again. I tried to find out everywhere I could, and even called the MB dealership near my house, but the diagnostic labor is 144 euros an hour, so I resigned myself to living with it for the moment. This is my first experience on a forum, I hope to find some help, I specify that I am French and apologize in advance for all the errors of laguage that I can commit, I however understand English quite well .

My car is a 1998 C class (W202), T wagon (estate, break, but dos not changes much things)

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