Window drop feature not working!

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Oct 9, 2021
2001 320sl
Hello, after many many years of hankering over buying an r129 I am now the owner of a 2001 320sl. I absolutely love it - despite it having a few things that need addressing. (I quite enjoy having things to repair and replace).

The first of these things is the auto window drop feature when you get in and out - the passenger side - it is simply not working. The chap I bought it from was open about this not working and managed to get it to work a couple of times by spraying something into the door handle when he opened it. However I cannot seem to have any joy. Have done the reset of the windows and no difference. Have got the interior door panel off ready to see if there is anything loose but also no joy.

Im thinking it must be some electrical switch on the door latch mechanism?

It is really frustrating as I am keen to use the car as much as possible and can’t really have passengers until this is fixed.

Has anyone ever actually fixed this problem before as I’ve seen other threads but none seem to be quite the same. I am thinking I should buy a new lock mechanism and see if that works? But that looks like I would need childs hands to get in the door cavity 😬.

Any feedback would be gratefully received.
Try spraying electrical contact cleaner (NOT WD40!) into the handle area.
The window drop feature on my W219 was operated by the plunger switch on the door frame , you could operate the feature by pressing / releasing the switch.

Dont know if the R129 is similar but it maybe worth a try.

Thank you DS10000 and KennyN. I managed to reach up to the locking mechanism and located - by feel, the wires and where they terminate on the lock - as soon as I started fiddling with the main cable and what’s seems like a switch the window dropped an inch! Success - so it seems it was a loose connection (I hope). Sprayed a bit more contact cleaner in for good measure.

So glad to have this sorted and thanks for your responses.

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