Window & mirror fault w202 1998

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    Window & mirror fault w202 1998

    To start with here is the problem.
    Once every few weeks/days/hours when I start my car/switch the ignition on one or both front windows won’t work. At the same time the electric mirror on the same side also fails.:(
    The only way to get them working again is to remove a couple of the fuses in either the main fusebox (under the bonnet) or remove a fuse from the fusebox in the boot.:crazy:
    The fuse only needs removing for a few moments then everything works as it should.:confused:

    After reading lots of posts on here with similar problems which show it to be a canbus problem with one of the door modules I decided to have a go at disconnecting the rear doors as has been advised in a few posts. I first unplugged the n/s rear door, no change.:(
    Then unplugged o/s rear door & n/s front window sprung back to life.:)
    OK I thought plugged the rear door back in and everything else worked except the o/s door that I had unplugged. Even the switch illumination for the o/s rear door switch wasn’t working on that door at the time.:crazy:
    I removed the fuse under the bonnet & everything sprung back to life & has worked for the rest of the day.

    I know I will have to see what tomorrow brings but what is the opinion?
    Is it the o/s door module that is faulty? Is it part of the window motor (I haven’t stripped the door yet)?
    Or was I just lucky with unplugging the o/s rear door and the other window starting to work?

    Before anyone says go get the car scanned. I can’t at the moment as there is no-one local to me able to scan the car & I am not in the position to make any long journeys due to family commitments etc.

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