Windscreen size of c-coupe!

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Nov 27, 2011
Rochdale, UK
C250 Coupe AMG Sport Edition 125
After a full 2 months of ownership the windscreen of my c-coupe has a long scratch from where the wiper blades have dragged grit across the screen - as i can feel it with my finger nail I've been advised that replacement is the only option. It's being done tomorrow by Autoglass (£75 insurance xs) but at least I'll love the car again!

Anyway, my question is - according to Autoglass the screen is the same as the e-class (coupe I'm assuming) - I know they're both built on the same platform but didn't realise the screen was the same - does anybody know if this is right?
No idea, but why not phone your dealer's parts department and ask them to check the part numbers?

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