Windscreen washer jets replacement on a Mercedes b class W245 2010 model

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Jul 8, 2018
Sheffield UK
2 Mercedes B Class 180 CDI auto diesel.
I have a Mercedes b class W245 and I'm having problems with the washer jets. One of the jets is working and the other is not. I'm thinking of replacing them and wondered if anyone has the same model and have done theirs.Also are they easy to remove? I have searched the internet and cannot find any that match mine. Can anyone tell me where I could purchase them. Thanks.
Depends on the car MB (in the past) have swapped and changed washer nozzles on the same model , Mine ,heated , non adjustable with two different sized slotted holes in them are totally different to others on a 2006 S206 C class.

The part number is printed on them and there is just the one number for left and right as the electrical connection and the water supply stabbing can be re configured before fitting.

Some you can clean/unblock easily ,others , not so easy.
Hello Pete thanks forgetting back to me, I have contacted a scrap yard on Ebay who are scrapping a b class W245 2010 model like mine just waiting for them to get back to me. I'm hoping they will be easy to fix. Alan

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