Wing Mirror Puddle after market R230 Sl500 2002

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Jan 22, 2012

I have a Sl500 on a 2002 plate. It was not fitted with wing mirror puddle lights, and I would like to make the mod.
When I use the fob, I would like the after market wing mirror puddles to light up with the interior lights, and then go off with the interior lights when I start the car. Whether I can get the LED puddles to fade light on/off I don't know ?

I have already fitted the LED puddled into the mirror casing.

Can someone help me to understand how and where I should be wiring these to ? Help would be much appreciated.
Should I wire them into the main centre courtesy lights or the passenger footwell light, as I cannot see a light fitted to the drivers side.

Is there a simpler connection method in the door ?
The door connects to the car with a tube which is very easy to get wires through. I'd wire to somewhere that is simple and does what you want - i.e the footwell light. The overhead light is part of a control module and you'd have to strip it down to get what you need - whereas the footwell light has 2 wires going into it - easy enough to tap into. has instructions on how to take the door card off the SL.

Thanks I'll try that on the weekend and post back the results.
Ok I have connected them to the footwell lights.
When the footwell lights are bright the wing mirror puddles are bright.
When the footwell lights go off, the wing mirror puddles go dim, but do not completely go off. So I would be driving around with dim wing mirror puddles.
Any way around this ?
Just noticed when the car is running, the footwell lights will dim very low, but never go off, unless you turn the car off.
Looks like the footwell lights still have a voltage feed 12v or around 5v whilst the car is running, that's why the puddles on the wing mirror follow this behaviour.

Someone must have a answer to this ?
Measure the voltage, then add a zener diode of that voltage between the car's wiring and your wiring to the circuit (which will drop the voltage by that much).
Make sure the diode is big enough for the current you need. Maplin sell them i'm sure.

- the negative side of this is they will get that much less voltage when on full, so in fact you may like to work out at what voltage the LED actually light at and reduce the zener diode by that much (if you see what i mean)


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