Wiper Trim Gives up the Ghost.....AGAIN


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Dec 30, 2002
Northamptonshire, UK
1990 500SL
Could not believe it.

There I was last night, barreling up the M40 home, wipers on sensor setting but continuous due to the pouring rain and then it happened - again. Click-Click-Click -CRACK!

The bit of plastic trim between the wiper arm and the bottom part of the blade flew up and over the roof. Fantastic. And the local dealer is going to have to order one for me.

Now, you could put this down to bad luck, but this is the seocnd one of these I've had in just over a year - jinxed or what?

Wonder why it is...could it be I lift the arm from the screen to wash the car?

Fortunately, only just over 4 quid for the item.

Anyone else had this happen to them? Or have I got the lemon wiper arm from Hell? :devil:

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