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Nov 18, 2006
Preston, Up North!
I am planning a change around in my living room and would like to minimize the amount of wires, so I need to know if its possible to do the following, and what equipment I need if anyone knows.

my current set up is Kenwood AMP and A PC with Digital TV Card

1) make my wired rear speakers wirless
2) convert the TV aerial into wireless

You cant send Aerial signals as there is nothing to send them on. With a video sender, that sends the modulated signal on a carrier, you cant send free air on a carrier, so afraid not on that one
No need to though is there - just send the video through the mains to the TV - the PC gets the aerial feed.

Maybe I'm a muppet.....I should have read this first.

I have the main TV in the lounge and a little flat screen in the morning room but with no aireal.

I had a plan to get wireless tv senders and it would send the picture to the tv without the need to fit an aireal.

ooh no it doesn't, took it upstairs to a TV in the bedroom with aireal and it worked straightway.

My question now can I get a magic eye to change channels on the sky box from upstairs?

Cheers guys,

Sorry I amaze myself sometimes how I got my degree.... isn't spell checker a great tool.

Sorry for my poor grrammerr and spelliiiiggs


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