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Feb 28, 2009
Hi anyone had any difficulties installing WIS and yet still succeded.
I'm 'testing' a copy that wont install on my machine. I know it works as I got a mate to install on his own machine. So it does work. Its this version Mercedes & Smart WIS 2009 manuali workshop manuals NEW!

You run the start html in explorer, set local machine and language it runs the correct setup file. FOR ME it gets half way through installing core application with lots of cool car pictures, and then it just stops with 'installation failed' It might as well say f**k off because it doesnt tell you anywhere why it fails.

My atempts to figure it out include installing dot.net, service pack 3, all the latest java I can get, DivX, VB runtime files and traweled my hard drive reading any and all logs. disabled all services. Enabled all services. Disabled anti virus. I've even copied the dvd's to my harddrive and tried installing.
Still no change and stops half way. Any clues please help.

I've got a ver of alldata but even that refuses to start, with a not a valid win 32 app. Obv my machine I run xp on, but cant figure out why.
It says it comes with installation instructions?

Needs a network card to be installed on pc
WIS sometimes needs a local LOOPBACK network card to be installed, its a null device added via add new hardware, network devices from MS
Unusual to see up to date copies of WIS being sold like this. I bought an old version (which M-B normally turn a blind eye to) on eBay some years ago; it was a real pain to install on XP (yes, it needed the loopback adapter) and after about 18 months it stopped working completely.

I'd just subscribe to the online one now, which is cheap enough.
I'd just subscribe to the online one now, which is cheap enough.

Not exactly a bargain though. Strange how passenger cars cost the most.

Choice of Category... MB Car*......MB CV*.....smart
................1 Year.....1287.00 €...917.00 €... 621.00 €
Eh? I thought it was 15 Euros a year or thereabouts?
Eh? I thought it was 15 Euros a year or thereabouts?

15 Euros is for the EPC (Electronic Parts Catalogue), what Dieselman has posted is the online WIS prices (Workshop Information System).
Yes it was about twenty quid, which if works would save me that over an over. Cant believe how much I've wasted buy the wrong parts.
Cheers for the loop back thingy. I know what you mean it was mentioned in the older ver of WIS. I'll try when I get in this evening :)
I think each failled attempt to install WIS, does something to the registry of your PC requiring you to edit it or to re-format your PC, i,m sure others could give you a better idea than me.
I have just tried the 2008.10 release of EPC/WIS and it installed fine. Needs a network card as the keycode is based on the MAC address. It came with all the products reuired, TOMCAT apache, its own runtime version of Jre. You might want to get that version as its so much simpler to install now
cheers for your help. Just tried an earlier (much earlier) version myself. Still didnt work. Program manager probs with a load of errors in german. What an insult.

I''ll look out for your version, or do you have a link:)
if you was local to me i would have come around and installed it for you, i erm, aquired my version, but unsure of the legality in downloading, or even buying this off ebay
It's M-B licensed software ... not legal for anyone apart from a dealership to have a locally installed copy.

M-B seem to turn a blind eye to old copies on eBay though.
We cant be seen to encourage this abuse of WIS - sorry but closing thread.
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