Woo Hoo and Yee Hah. Petrol coming down.

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Jan 12, 2008
Range Rover Vogue SE
Finally back below a quid a litre :bannana::bannana::D:D

Station : Asda Tamworth Automat
Address : Ventura Park Road, Tamworth, B78 3HB
Brand : Asda
Distance: 1.32 miles
Price : 99.9p
Updated : 05-02-2008

Let's have a little bit more of that then please Messrs Shell, BP, Texaco, Esso etc etc.
Signed: Your faithful Bit*h with a thistmobile.
Well according to petrolprices.com an Esso station 2 miles away is selling unleaded for 100.9, same as local Asda (1 mile in the other direction).
There's still something phsycological about the £1 a litre mark though. Just filled up. Another 75 quid.
Now you tell me:rolleyes: just put £100 of diesel in the gl at £1:08 a litre :mad: :crazy:
the way i drive 300 to 400 max:eek: :eek:
I used a Total last night and it was 109.9 for 97RON! I only put a tenner in as I was in an unfamiliar area and desperate for fuel. About 2 minutes later I drove past an ASDA but I held out until I found a tesco where I brimmed it with 99RON as usual.

I've been to petrol stations 4 times in the last 2 days, three times yesterday and once today. Twice was for my own car and twice for different courtesy cars!
Yet diesel hasn't dropped, still 106.9 minimum within a 15 mile radius. :(
£349.46 worth for the horsebox
320.9. lit
£1.089 per lit at bp in glenrothes

thats painfull

must admit , thats about all i get out of a 100 quid tank too in the X5

And people wonder why 4x4 get blamed for high emmissions..:rolleyes:

That's between 13mpg and 18mpg...:crazy:
Wouldn't it just be cheaper to ride the horses rather than drive them around in comfort ?



i'll ask the wife that but i might just get whipped :rolleyes:

i might enjoy it though:eek:

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