Woo Hoo!!!!!

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Sep 23, 2004
Ontario, Canada
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Well finish at 11:30 tomorrow and that me untill the 3rd. Cant Wait. Sorry for the pointless post but feel like sharing my joy. Need the rest! :D

Are many people working through?

EDIT* Double yay my pointless post is my 2000th :bannana:
Leaving Friday 4pm until the following Wednesday. Working the graveyard shift (12-8) Wed-Fri, have Saturday-Monday off then back on Tuesday.
splang said:
Sorry all, but, finished last friday (16th?) and go back on the 4th jan (bloody teachers!!) :p

:D :D :D :rock:

Grrr... All the same I wouldn't do the job so credit to you there :)
NO days off :( , other than public holidays, but I am spending christmas in Prague for a change!
1st day 2mro, back on 3rd.

11 full days of no work dumbos and no big mouth --------------->.
scotth_uk said:
Working through, but as a contractor that was always my aim. ;-)
ditto :)

This is the best time of year to be at work: most people are cheerful, shops are open late, kids are off school so less traffic and hardly anyone is at work so I can get rid of any old tasks that have been hanging around plus lots of browsing potential :)
I finish sometime tomorrow afternoon - the earlier the better!! I cannot wait!

Don't go back until 4th Jan :bannana: :bannana: :bannana:
My first day off is today and I dont go back till the 3rd,Work then for 3 days and then have 4 days off woo hoo :rock: :rock:
Workin All the way through exept Christmas Day and New Years Day.
At least i wont be stressing over Christmas
serious point!!!

Please blow out your candles and turn off your christmas lights when you are not in...please!

i am working xmas eve and xmas day..boxing day night and new years day...and to be honest i really dont WANT TO WORK when i am work...so please, it's once a year, switch the damn things off so i can enjoy the days thanks.....................
I've just got one 12 hour shift to do, finish at 7-00am tomorrow until 6th Jan.
Just finished 'till the 3rd - hurrah! Need the holiday to recover from all the Christmas celebrations I've been having.

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