Worn seatbelt presenter


Jun 2, 2002
West London
SL500 & The Fart Car
As most MB coupe owners will by now be aware, the seatbelt presenter can slowly but surely get cut by the seatbelt over time. Eventually the triangular shaped presenter end can be cut through completely.

Mine was almost through so I was exceedingly happy to find that not only did my dealer have stock of the arm but also that it came in at less than a fiver.

Fitting *should* be a ten minute job if it weren't for the sprung loaded lower seatbelt arms which are supposed to spring back out the way so exiting passengers dont trip on them. I struggled like hell to get the preload on the spring and eventually stumbled across the MB design for the simple tool required for the job. Apparently MB do not make it but they have a design so you can get it made up cheaply down your local machine shop. When I asked how they fit them at the local dealer they mentiond the words about, b*gger, backside & pain but not necessarily in that order. Clearly they had not seen this tool either.

This is a very common problem with the seatbelt presenters so I thought there might be someone out there who would appreciate the tool design. In any event, I'll try and post a scan of the design when I get my hands on a working scanner.
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