Would these fit my 124 coupe?

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Sep 27, 2007
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Would these fit as standard or would it need the wings rolling to give enough room?


Also, are they a touch too bling:eek:
They are stock 500E wheels, 8 x 16 et 34.

They can work on a stock w124 - i am running 8 x 17 et 30s on my w124 300te estate, agressively lowered with Spax springs/shocks, no rolling of arches and i have no issue...although you have to run the tyres a bit skinny. Rather than 225/50 run 215/50 or even drop the aspeect ratio to 45, that will help. Ensure the rolling diameter is not compromised more than 3% of course.

The stock 500E wheels were way to high an offset...the car can take 8 inch wheels with a negative offset thanks to it's wide wide arches !

I love the wheels, merely due to their association with 500E's !

Thanks for that Talbir.

How well would the chrome last compared to powder coated or painted wheels??
Unless you live in downtown LA and wanna roll with your homies it won't look right.

Doe smy location say Harborne..I must change that to South Watts:D
Thanks for that Talbir.

How well would the chrome last compared to powder coated or painted wheels??

chrome will outlast the paint or powder coating, hard chrome is even better if you want to do your own set, if I recall you have to get aluminium copper coated before you can chrome it,
The problem with chrome is once you curb it you're stuffed, especially if nice salty winter weather is on its way and getting them refurb'd can be prohibitive.
Guys, whilst they look nice I realise they could only be used on a day like today with bright, clear sunlight - so thats 20 days of the year then:mad:

That said I do fancy a set of the 8 x 16" alloys off a 500e. If anyone has some to sell please let me know
Hi Matt,

I'm actually in the process of trying to find some myself.

I take it the ones in the link above aren't completely original? They didn't come like that did they i.e. chromed?


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