Would you dare to renew (DIY) your headliner on your W202?

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I did my own when I did my 1928 RR I also used a sewing machine as the stitching was an important part, and used West of England headlining once you get under way its not too bad. , but not for the light hearted.

I took best car in the show with it
As Malcolm says, not for the light hearted. It would be best if you contacted a coach trimmer who are used to this sort of repair. I would (so the answer is no :p before you ask ):D:devil:
Looks a right mess if you ask me.
i wouldnt risk it, its harder than it looks...
my sunroof still does not close properly with the new material that is used on my roof lining...
Unless you are really confident about doing a first class job, then don't do it. Why not pay an expert and hover in the background to watch and learn? a skilled job that MUST look right.


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