Wow the E300

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Feb 21, 2015

Any guru threads on the new E300 Hybrid.....looks like its a world beater to me?

They say it gets upwards of 65 mpg??? Now that is amazing.

Anyone driving this model over the last three years...?

How is the maintenance of the E300? What regular costs are involved outside of mechanical parts servicing?

All good advice welcome,

Is this an E300h?? Surely same as the C300h - with the much criticised (not by me) 2.1litre diesel.

E350e will be more interesting

or even E400h?

or maybe an E500e
It's a great car. I had an Estate version for 30,000 miles in 2013-2015. I liked it a lot. I got +60mpg on my regular commute from rural Oxfordshire into Slough, mix of M40 and urban driving... I had the Distrionic / auto-steer feature which works really well with Hybrid. If you are not in a hurry you get get amazing mpg... I expect the new one will be better still. Heard they are switching to 48V electrics, which will make every improve mpg.


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UK will be E220d only to start with!!
UK will be E220d only to start with!!


So when are we getting the E400? That is the pick of the crop imho.
Or even the E350e.

Mind you, we are now over 2 years into the W205 and still no C400 released, so I won't hold my breathe.
I have run an E300 AMG Sport for the last 3 years and loved it. Motorway cruising at just above the legal limit returns 60 mpg plus, and the combination of the grunt from the diesel and the boost from the motor gives it stonking performance for a car of this size. It's no M5 or full fat AMG but your not paying those prices and the MPG is a world away. Mine has been trouble free apart from getting tyres for the 19" wheels i had spec 'd. I'm about to change it as my three year lease is up. As the new E300 is not in the UK yet I'm going for a C300h.
I have had mine from new since July 2014, the Diesel engine does give stonking performance and although a bit noisy from cold it's much better once warm and hardly noticeable inside the cabin. I am averaging 47mpg according to the onboard read out and this is on rural roads with virtually no urban work, improves to over 50mpg when on a run and around 55mpg when in France on their superb autoroutes.
I have had a couple of recalls and the GPS aerial failed early into ownership.
I have the estate version and it is a huge car, I love driving it but I really cannot pinpoint exactly why.
I have now retired so no longer drive around the rest of the shops in the group so hard to justify this size of car, thinking of a new C Class later in the year or I may just keep the E Class until the new model has some deals going.
All in all a lovely car particularly when cruising on longer drives.

So when are we getting the E400? That is the pick of the crop imho.
Or even the E350e.

Mind you, we are now over 2 years into the W205 and still no C400 released, so I won't hold my breathe.

It will likely be the E43 AMG (if they're following the W205 convention where they renamed the C400 to C450, only to decide it was a confusing place for a non-AMG badge to then rename it C43 AMG. AMG purists were livid). Lots of discussion from this across the pond on MB World.

Word is W205 is getting the C43 AMG this summer. Delay apparently down to RHD 4MATIC engineering.
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Hi ,

I drive my E300 6 hours a day , six days a week, from pump to trip meter each 40liters gets me 320 miles max over the last year inner city driving.

Thats 40MPG, disregard computer readouts......just use the tripmeter and the amount you put into the tank, that way there simply is no arguing on the issue, BUT it does have the honor of very low emmissions, my hats in that ring.

Got the results below from the new W213 2.0 diesel 9 speed auto in heavy traffic on the A12 and M25.........


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E300 hybrid, I got mine in May 14 plate it has been in garage 3 times engine management light comes on after giving some power on the accelerator, first time it was injectors (they got recalled), second time it was some pipe (they had to order it from Germany) and now it's gone in again because of engine management's the first new car I have bought and I like my mercs, I think I have wasted or am wasting my money on this car

4 months owned
3 times gone to garage

Not good when your at work and haven't got the time to ring mb and arrange alternative car or wait 2 hours or more for a recovery

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