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Just because the photos have HDR filter on them doesnt make it look stunning. I can see, what might be rust on the wheelarch.

Id like to see normal photos. I wish people would stop photographing cars this way, its as bad as Estate Agents.
Wasnt this on ebay a month or so back? at a third or possibly a quarter of this price
rip off!

with £24k, you can get a CLS63 or an E63 and then go on a nice holiday
Lovely looking car but never in a month of Sundays at that money, I could say a lot more...............
way over priced....Dealers and estate agents tend to overprice everything they sell now a days!
My old E55 still only has 40 odd k on it and another forum member has it locked away snugly
Should've kept that car !
Sold it for 6.5 k a couple of years ago :doh:
Terry thats a bargain!

Let me know when you selling your W204 c63 for 6.5K! LOL
It is nicely specced, including ADS, but the photos are mere flattery...£9000 would be expensive.
Why photograph it outside a prison?

Can't see that shifting for a while

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