WTB 500e/e500 rear quarters. Cash reward $$$

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May 17, 2013
W124 with 2.3-16v engine
Hello members, I am after a good set of
Rear quarters from a e500/500e w124.
If Someone can help locate a pair there
Is a cash incentive for who can come up with
The goods. It will be in the few hundred dollar
Range So I would like to thank you all
And good luck.
They will be difficult to find.

As you are willing to do sheetmetal/panel work, you may want to consider creating your own by overlaying a standard W124 wheel arch on your sheet metal that has been relief cut.
You can also adapt a R129 rear wheel arch.

If you can't find it, then you fabricate !

Ed A.
The guys that were doing the E7 custom w124s were making their own using an english wheel.

They looked the business.

Suspect they will be at the ace cafe on Tuesday if my memory serves me .
all i have at the minute for w124's are a set of 17" oz amg 3-piece split rims 8.5j all round,my uncle's mate worked for mercedes for 20 years and has good contacts ill see what he's saying no promises though.
Try Thorsten @ Team Stadler Motorsport, he may not have but there's a good chance he'll send you in the right direction. Team Stadler Motorsport
Just a update I have had a few leads from
Some members and I appreciate it. Just need a
Solid sale from 1 and that person will get
There extra cash $$$ hope who ever
Comes good has PayPal.

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