WTB W211 RH mirror frame memory, auto dimming, heated glass, power folding and puddle light

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Sep 11, 2008
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2004 E320 & E55 AMG

I’m looking for a right hand side (driver side) mirror frame with memory, auto dimming, heated glass, power folding and puddle light for a 2004 W211.

Maybe someone has one laying around and would like to sell it for a fair price. I don’t care about the color of the mirror cap.

Thank you.
I might have one laying around. Will check and let you know if I find it. Its off of a 2003 E55
Hi, have looked but don't have it anymore. I only kept the mirror glass from the looks of it.
Is the mirror glass in good condition (no scratches, not dull or leaked electro-chromium)
Right, so I have 2 right hand mirrors, no left side mirror. My mistake as its been a few years now. The original one off of my car has 1 broken tab at the back and can sometimes pop off when adjusted.

Did buy a replacement used one but never put it on as I fitted some facelift ones instead. Used one is better nick, to be honest not sure what happened but guess its been replaced already prior to my ownership as the part number is shaved off and the sticker shows date of 26.09.16.

Part number for right side mirror - A2118100421


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