Wynns oil flush?

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May 10, 2009
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Hi all,
just a quick one..

Does anyone know if the Wynns oil flush is any good or has any downsides to using it?

Im about to do an oil system flush and want to know if I should use it or just flush the system with clean oil a few times?

Never used an engine flush-have had many cars with over 100k on them -regular engine oil change has been the most important thing-have you a particularly high mileage car?-or other problems
One Honda accord had 150K -engine was sweet and silent-just had regular engine oil change(fully synthetic):)
A little ticking now and then on startup nothing major.. just wanted to flush the system on this oil change I am planning on doing...
168,000 miles..
Wynns is a good product of you intend to flush the engine, I used to use it up to some years ago, but...

Engine flushing is no longer recommended, the theory is that if the engine had not had the oil changed regularly in the past the detergent in the flush could shift sludge from harmless locations to block crucial oil passageways.

The idea is that id the engine has been flushed regularly since new, then flushing would be OK, but flushing a high-mileage engine that has never been flushed before is potentially dangerous.

Frequent oil and filter changes is all a modern engine needs this day - the nearest to an old fashioned flush would be a quick oil change followed by another some 1000 miles later.

Wynns Hydraulic Valve Lifter Treatment on the other hand is considered a good product for resolving top engine clatter (in some cases).
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hmm good advice.. I did hear this before but was unsure..
Are you referring to the Wynns Oil Treatment or is it specifically Valve Lifter Treatment?
When I used to change oil, I used it at will. Had no idea of the above concept.

Saying that, we're talking 80s cars in the mid 90s - so hardly complicated high-stress engines...

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