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    Apr 1, 2017
    GL420 X164

    Just bought my first Mercedes and thought I should carry out a baseline service. Car is 2006 with 145K on it.
    I had a local MB non franchise garage change the gearbox fluid as this was a bit much for me.
    Looked at filters etc from GSF and ECP and it all seemed a bit vague and not much cheaper than MB. As a newbie I decided to go to the dealer and I have to say the prices were good apart from the cabin filters which seem a bit of a rip off at over twice the price of pattern parts.
    I couldn't get my head round going in through the glove box to change these filters. What is the problem going through the intake cover in the engine bay? Nice place to hang a air freshener too!
    The fuel filter was a bit of a fiddle but was ok as long as you have the pliers for the hose clips.
    Air filter is standard stuff but you need a female torx bit to get the strut brace off for access. Lots of debris under filter as no leaf guard from cold air intakes.
    Oil filter is easy although I had bought a removal tool for V8 Mercedes diesels which was wrong. Lucky my shifter just fitted the hex on the fitting. Does anyone know the socket size for this, forgot to measure.
    Oil change was ok but there is lots to deal with at about 11 litres. Sump guard weighs a tonne so watch out! Got a great deal on oil from MB Newcastle via Ebay.
    Was surprised at amount of corrosion on cross beams under sump guard. All easy to sort out now but could be a problem if left to fester.
    Other than that it was all quite straightforward, started first time even with the fuel filter change.


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