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Discussion in 'Bodywork' started by BIG_G_1979, Feb 10, 2020.

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    Hi guys windscreen needs replaced due to a crack, they state they need it for 3.5 hours due to a camera needing calibrated? Also whilst ordering the screen they stated it's a heated windscreen? How do you activate this as I see no button to heat to windscreen like you would see in a Ford etc? Any advice thanks

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    I had the screen replaced on my S205 on Saturday by Autoglass. Was offered a slot sooner but I wanted OEM had to wait 6 days for the MB glass. Ask for genuine MB or you may get a generic make, Dropped the car off at 14:00 and it was ready to drive away 15:30 windscreen fitted and cameras calibrated. Fitted said the new glue they use goes off in 30 minutes not the 2 hours of the old stuff. First class professional job and only my £75 excess to pay.
    The heated bit, I believe, is the triangle areas for the cameras. Only noticed it a few weeks ago had opened up and started car to defrost but had not sprayed the screen looked out at the car the camera area of the screen was clear but the rest was still frozen. Not sure if it comes on when cold, with the rear screen heater or when climate set to max to demist the front screen.
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