xenon bulb problems w211

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Jan 7, 2016
W211 e270 cdi
I have bought 55w xenon bulb from ebay.
My old bulb was flicking and then suddenly left side blew*the bulb was white(
I had installed 55w bulb, but it wont light up. Is that normal, or it might be the ballast.
w211 e270 2003
My right side xenon does work
Where can I finds the fuse?
Check the lamp which does not work in the side that does (this will rule out the lamp),
Then check fuse as above,
Check connections,
It will then be ballast and or igniter
Mine turned out to be ballast which was sourced from Ebay
But can these 55w bulb cause this?
Yes, the new bulb might be duff. Check it the way pstock suggests.

If it works, check the fuse. Your handbook will say where the fuses are, and which one runs the left side lamp. Usually, the right and left headlamps are on different fuses (so you don't suddenly go blind if a fuse blows when you're driving at night).

(That can be scary - I once had the lighting switch suddenly burn out, as I crested a mountain pass at 2am)
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Is it definitely xenon and not halogens that you need, have you just bought a 55w 'xenon-look' halogen

If it's true xenon (well, even if halogen) it's best to replace both at the same time
I will try to change Che igniter(starter)
Then write back
Can I ask why you bought a 55W xenon lamp?
The OEM one is only 35W by fitting a 55W lamp you may have done some damage to the other components. I would send the 55 back and get a 35 instead, in the meantime swap the original lamp in the other side to check there is nothing blown.
I thought Mercedes standard D2s was 55w
One guy told me that the ballast won't fire the bulb up?
It has to be 35w
35w bulb is not working neither does 55w
I think my ballast is dead. Can I buy one aftermarket from eBay or is universal good enough
Ok bulb igniter is dead
5dd00831910 is the number
Replaced igniter and all is clear
Thx all

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