Xenon Right Cornering Light error

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Oct 17, 2023
Timișoara, Romania
W204 C Class - 2007 (200CDI)

Sorry if I miss something as I am new to this forum, that being said let's begin.

I have a c class 200 CDi from 2007 so pre-facelift.
So some time ago my xenon on low beam went out on right side, this happened to me before so I knew I had to buy another ballast, bought one (second hand), exactly the same as mine.b6c00265-afc7-42d7-a55b-0714126cca81.jpeg

Now the problem, the low beam lights up, this is good, but an error with light cornering Light shows up on dash board. Now I don't have any special bulb for cornering in the headlight (fog light work correctly while cornering), like ,from what I had seen , the S Class so may this be a software issue? Cause I don’t know the provenience of the ballast I just bought, so may the software on it be written for another car?

Now other issue, before, when I started the car the low beam will do an up down movement and after the headlight will stabilize to a position, now this movement is really small on the right side, and the beam will be left to low on the road, so my guess is the ballast is at fault again. On the left side the movement is normal, and I can see the difference of level between left and right on the road. No error for this on dashboard.

And the third issue I noticed on left side that sometimes even with the car moving my low beam on the left side will do some small up and down movement for some time then stop, this happen from time to time, no error on dashboard or anything.

So I am asking for your help on that issues, thanks in advance.

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