Xenons on a non Xenon CLK

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Mar 27, 2014
W212 E250 CDi AMG Sport
I am desperately wanting some xenons on my CLK. Are you able to simply buy the bulbs that give off the Xenon look or do you need to totally replace the headlight?

If its just bulbs does anybody have any recommendations?
Ideally you want the headlamp as the current one will not spread the light correctly.

Is it a W208 or W209?
You would need the Headlight and igniter and loom as the voltage is different, Also the level control
So paying £100 for a set of aftermarket Xenon bulbs is a bad idea?
RSTurbo50 said:
So paying £100 for a set of aftermarket Xenon bulbs is a bad idea?

Yes, there should be complete aftermarket units (headlamps and bulbs) you can buy for that, probably Depo or Winlamps do a set all in one rather than putting xenon bulbs into your current headlamps

Cables are a different thing though, if you run into trouble with compatibility then Kabeldaviko sell all kinds of adaptor cables
I had a 35w HID bulb and ballast kit from ebay fitted in my last CLK.

It worked very well and passed the MOT no problem at all. No need to replace the headlamps.

Just make sure the kit has H7R bulbs and you fit them the right way round as the bulbs have shielding on one side, and adjust the headlights accordingly.

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