XKR 5.0 Light damage

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I'd be interested to see their interpretation of heavy damage...

"Smacked to f***" would have been more accurate.
Saw this last week, this place is not far from me,not for the faint hearted,will take alot to get this motor right,rear quarter is nasty,and will cost the most to put right.
Its hilarious.

Light damage to rear bumper? It doesn't even have one. Haha.

Like you say John id hate to see a badly damaged one.
All of that is light damage in the trade as there is minimal structural damage to the car.

I do like the sequence of photos, leaving you waiting for the carnage to be revealed.
Looks like the Terminators face when he gets a bit ripped off...
Certainly would need a new driver seat base!
Says who? It looks like its taken a right wollop could be twisted.

Seems that way - it obliterated the OS/R wheel too whatever prang it had.

Having had a Vauxhall Astra GTE 16V take a hit to the B pillar back in the mid 90s - that was twisted out of true by some margin.

Cars are stronger but also designed to absorb impact forces so I doubt that car is straight either!
Looks worse than it probably is, I would say that is light to medium damage.
I'm sure they'll both just t-cut out.
I'd be interested to see their interpretation of heavy damage...

They have had the E63 for weeks,the price has dropped,still no takers,there are problems all round the car,which is putting people off.

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