[SOLD] Y-Reg S320

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Sep 5, 2020
Hello All,

It is with mixed emotions that I offer for sale:
Y161 LRX.
With 97000 on the clock.
To be sure, this is the 3.2 V6 Petrol version, with sun-roof.
"Tanzanite Blue" It looks Navy-Blue to me.

As some of you know, I have recently completed a grand-tour in this car. This was basically the reason I have kept it.
I purchased it in 2020 and had hoped to go on holiday with it that year and in 2021 I managed to complete a run down to Monaco in it. Faultlessly. I drove the track in the morning, hence the sticker.
The issue with the parking sensors is resolved and these now work like new. With the after-market reversing camera fitted by a previous owner, it is extremely easy to park, in almost any location. Especially considering the size of the body.

As soon as I got it, I put it into a reputable Merc. specialist, local to me. To have the A service done and the gearbox oil changed.
Since then I have had a number of works done to it, by them. I have had it put through an M.O.T. by another garage due to time pressures. But no major work has been carried out by a non-specialist.
I have personally changed the oil filtre less than 100 miles ago.
I have all of the paper-work to prove and almost all of the history of the car. It has been owned by people who care, I am the 5th owner.
According to the person I purchased it from, two of the previous owners were family and it was being sold to me when the older gentleman sadly died.
I have the original statement of sale, from Sunningdale Carrage Company to a man in Windsor.

All of the original tool kit is still in the car, the jack works brilliantly.
I have a complete bulb-kit for it, for driving in Germany.

All of the original books are present and in very good condition.
There are 2 keys, one genuine, the other a pattern part. There is lots of paper-work.

The car is in good condition, I suspect it has been garaged most of it's life.
I keep it garaged, a short walk from my Parent's place.

My parents do sometimes use it, to keep things in shape.

Inside, it has the full leather interior and everything works. No Malfunctions and 8500 Miles to service A, showing on the computer.
There is a minor tear and stain to the driver's side passenger seat. Though this has never caused a problem.
There is very little rust, most noticeably, around the sun-roof. Though this is minor and has been treated.

I have seen similar age/condition/mileage advertised elsewhere from £2450.

I would like to collect £2600, though if you are a forum member and turn up with £2300 in cash, I'm sure you will not be disappointed.







I am in Portsmouth.
Happy to answer any questions and provide additional photos.
More than happy to chat, even if you live in Scotland and just want some pointers before going to look at one within a more sensible distance.
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SOLD 28/5/2023

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