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Jan 8, 2005
I appreciate this is not motoring related (mods please move the post if deemed necessary), but given most of your seem to come from much nicer, more appreciative backgrounds than what seems to be the normal in North East Lincolnshire I was wondering if anyone could help...

I have been musical all my life and throughout the 1980s built up skills via the Yamaha Music School and in due course obtained a Yamaha organ (FE-30 (looks like this: http://www.xs4all.nl/~wkoopman/electone/details/fe-30-a1.jpg)). I changed this in 1991 to a Yamaha Electone HS-4 (which looks like this: http://www.xs4all.nl/~wkoopman/electone/details/hs-4.jpg). In 1996 I added a disk drive for £300+ which allowed me to store much more in the way of registrations and songs. Over the past few years I came to a stop with the instrument because I lost interest and had come to the end with all my musical ideas that used it.

In Hull a few weeks ago I saw an FE-70 in the shop, the flagship of the FE-range, (http://www.xs4all.nl/~wkoopman/electone/details/fe-70-left.jpg) for only £150 and thought: I could go back to all the old sounds I knew and loved, sell my HS-4, make a bit of money and enjoy playing again. I am there in the position of trying to sell my HS-4. Perfect working order, disk-drive, 128 extra voices via a "voice pack", much loved and needs a caring, appreciative home. It has been sitting in my den now for 3 weeks and I really do need to try and get rid as quickly as I can.

My FE cost me £180 so I am thinking of this as a minimum, but in reality the true value of the setup is more like around the £400 mark. I am very much open to offers, but I am happy to accept something around £300.

The local music shop says the art of playing music instruments is dying and there is very little call - especially in my locality (which I can very much believe). They are "going out of fashion" according to them. This makes me angry. Does no-one appreciate the skill of musical creativity these days???

Clearily a courier would b required for delivery purposes as the instrument is 72kg but one can discuss say go halves on the cost of this.

Best Regards

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