Yellow 116 RHD in Portugal

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Dec 20, 2009
Portugal, Belgium + Lancashire
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Very close to me in Central Portugal. I've looked at it twice and I think it'll come for EUR 2000. Needs a little bodywork - not much. Interior (leather) is near perfect and chrome excellent. Down here it'd mint for another 2k. Downside is the engine which is described as wrongly adjusted - makes tappety noises, and has that dreaded carb. Mileage may well be correct. Non-runner. He nearly wet his pants when he heard an Englishman wanted to view!
Lovely car.
That yellow is the colour of the many Mercedes taxis in much of Portugal.
Lovely car.
That yellow is the colour of the many Mercedes taxis in much of Portugal.

Not quite...

The taxi color is a bit whiter - ivory like, this car is yellow.

Looks like a good one for 2.5K€.
A trick of the light, proper yellow on inspection. Taxi is Hellelfenbein - light ivory.
Like my old 300, here


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Leather is excellent save for some cracking, rather than splitting on the bolster. It's not damp at all. Nice and firm, all cards are mint. The chrome is excellent and front and rear rubbers and screen are mint, side windows or perished. All doors are perfect.
The ball-ache is getting it up to UK, though it's certainly high-score escapade. French tolls don't penalise trailers if you don't exceed 2m. Allow between 800 and 1000 to get it back to UK, (that's a both ways overall calc), depending on where you live, + accom en-route - maybe 5 or 6 nights in total.
Happy to help if I can.

Leather. I thought it was tex at first, it was so good for the age.
What would take to recommission and drive it over?
That's the mystery, I'm afraid. That carb is notorious - as is the engine to a degree. The lad who's been showing it to me is the son of the owner and says that it was badly overhauled and makes 'clacking/clattering/tappety' noise. That's very loosely translated. I was a whisker from buying it, and I'm no stranger to buyers remorse, but ducked the issue primarily because I'm only here for about three months of the year and have three cars here already.
There would be a bit of paperwork involved as well.
I still have the urge to sin before I head north, but I'll probably get something that needs nothing doing to it. A W126 SD or SDL is top of the list.
How much is it worth in UK, 4/5K, maybe a bit more?


A yellow 280S, unless absolutely low miles, is not a great re-sale proposition. Most are between £2 and £5k.

I'd love to find a W126D in rhd. That would be a very good car for smoking around in!
ISOBARS...can I pick your brains re buying from Portugal. As I understand it, if I'm a non resident, I cant buy a Portugese registered car and then export it to the UK. Does seem a bit daft when you consider how easy it is to say buy a car in other parts of Europe.

From what I understand is that the next owner has to register the car to a Portugese address, otherwise the current owner remains on the hook for taxes, which is why they won't sell to a non resident.

Can you shed any light on this?

Hi Vlad,

The tax continues to accumulate, I can vouch for that. I missed a yearly tax of EUR18 last June and had to pay over 200 when I got back in September.

There has to be an export plate, I'll look into it and get back.

This Country is paperwork heavy, it's a former Police State and a lot of folk preferred it that way!


Hi Vlad,

Doesn't look very complex:
Google Translate

The owner won't be too worried, anyway. It's not taxaxble if it was 25 years old before 2007.

He will gladly make any arrangements!

I can probably have it moved to my place for about 50EUR if that helps.


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Thanks for your help on this.....I had my eye on another car and was trying to work my way around the Portugese system.

Are you able to let me know what the process is for buying a car over, does the seller + buyer have to go to some local Car Registration office and officialise the paperwork or how does it work?

Much appreciated
Hi Vlad,

The buyer can go to his local council on his own. The google translate link is the way in for better info because things can change.
I've registered three cars here, each one needed the ID from the seller and his insurance to move it - a degree of trust involved.

I have to generalise here, but the average local is suspicious and may need nursing.

I think it would be much easier with an English speaking Portuguese on your side. That said, and if you said it quickly, all it needs is some export papers.

I'll try and help if I can, but if the car is young-ish, the seller will want to de-register because of on-going tax, fair enough and if they want to sell, then they should. They might even be wary of giving you their Bank details if they're private.

Let me know if there's anything I can do.

It's not that 1952 Adenauer, is it?



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