Yellow ECO symbol

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Ajay Bhatoa

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Jan 9, 2016
2020 C Class AMG Premium
Hey guys, can anyone tell me why the ECO on my car is yellow and the start stop doesn't engage all the time ?

It's never happened before but seems to be occuring now.

Is there a way to get it to work again? Maybe a good run on the motorway?

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The ECO stop/start function has to meet loads of criteria to operate fully, some of which are listed below (excuse the Americanisms): -

The outside temperature is within the comfort range.

The engine is at normal operating temperature.

The set temperature for the vehicle interior has been reached.

The battery is sufficiently charged.

The system detects that the windshield is not fogged up when the air-conditioning system is switched on.

The hood is closed.

The driver's door is closed and the driver's seat belt is fastened.

From how you've described it, it does sound like a good run may help it, just to make sure that the battery is fully charged which, as mentioned in the list above, will have a detrimental effect if not.
I would add to that list, assuming the OP's car is diesel, it will remain yellow if the DPF is regenerating. I notice on mine if I've used the car for a series of short journeys only for a few days, then the light will tend to remain yellow for longer, until I can do a decent run to get everything good and hot, including the DPF.

Recently, I've used the car for mainly lengthy runs and what with the warmer weather, the ECO light will normally turn green at the moment just a mile or two after starting from cold.
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On my previous C207 the ECO would stay at amber for 6-7 miles every day on the way to work and on the way home. I did take the car back to the dealer on two occasions to ask if there was a problem with the car because there was a fan or pump running for a long time after the engine had been switched off and would come on again if I opened the car door whilst in the garage.They fobbed me off with "it's the fans that keep the LEDs cool , what "bollo**s. This does not happen on my new C207 and the ECO is virtually always green. Obviously my battery was constantly been drained.

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