Yellow staining on Alloys from Brake dust

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Jan 1, 2013
Mercedes W211
How do I get rid of the yellowish staining on my Alloys left behind after I cleaned the brake dust. To be fair if left my alloys unwashed for about 3 weeks and had gone really dirty especially fronts before I decided to wash them however they aren't shiny silver anymore. Has this happened to anyone before and how did you get rid of it? I wont be using ATE BRAKE PADS AGAIN? #bawse
Any time I've had this problem, I've used a spray-on alloy wheel cleaner. However, the instructions about washing off must be followed or you could have problems later. Thoroughly wash off all the cleaner with water then clean with a good quality detergent and finally give them a good polish and then reseal them. It pays to clean / polish regularly.

I'm sure this will have been covered in more detail in the detailing section.

Many alloy wheel cleaners are caustic based, which does not do your alloys much good. For brake dust removal, something like Iron-X takes it off brilliantly - there are a few products similar, they go purple whan they react with the brake dust to remove it, but are not caustic so do not harm the alloy.

What you may then be left with is tar spots, and again there are products specifically for this, like Tardis - but they are based on a solvent that means use them with good ventilation.

Afterwards, rinse well, dry then apply a good coat of something like Rimwax.

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