yoiks... here comes the bill...

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Dec 9, 2006
W213 E220d
Bit of a noise from the front of the car, rises with revs. Service also due so booked in for today...

So, "D" service, rear disks/pads/shoes (we can't find anything to doubt they're not the originals, at 96k miles!). no problem.

Except for the noise. Something about a belt, tensioner and waterpump all needing replacement - total??

Well, dunno as waiting for stock on the tensioner, but estimating around £900 (including the service / brakes etc) - does this seem high??
I recently changed the water pump on my C240, dealer wanted £240 + old pump, so yes i'd say expensive. (In my case I purchased a new pump from GSF for £56 + VAT in the end, but irrelevant to you needing a dealer service) Quite a while to fit. Tensioner is about £30, about 5 mins to fit.
Just spent some time with the russian EPC and the inchcape parts site and feel a bit better about it now - water pump is 90 quid, tensioner 120, belt 28, disks and pads not cheap either...

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