You either love em or you hate em

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Jan 13, 2011
Work in Bristol, Live near Bridgwater
2007 W211 E280 CDI Avantgarde
Personally I'm not a big fan of the cls but a 6.2 v8 amg for 20k sounds like a good deal to me.

Had a quick look and there are a couple at this level so I'm suggesting it's a bargain by any stretch but even the most anti cls chappy out there must agree that you get a lot of bang for your buck with one of these!
I'm not hugely bothered about the 63s but I do quite fancy a CLS63.

Not sure why.

Would prefer it in black though.
I prefer it in the 55k format ;)
The W219 CLS is such a lovely car and would be my car of choice if I didn't need an estate, but as Don says I think I would prefer the 55K version and just update the dash and steering wheel. I much prefer it to the current W218 shape.
+1+1+1. The CLS is a fabulous-looking car; one of the best-looking cars on the road. Sadly, I too need an estate, hence the E55K S211.

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