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Is this Photoshop or is this for real??? :eek:
...and 57K for 3-years old S63 is a bit steep me think.
I didn't know who this guy was..look what I found out..

"Jody Scheckter became infamous for causing one of the biggest accidents in Formula One history, after which there were demands that he should be banned from the sport..."

(Formula 1? - The Official F1? Website)

Probably blinded after driving his S63 and forgetting his shades at home..hehe..!!
I can see what you mean about that horrible body colour, but those red seats look fabulous.;):D
And what is the problem with those seats exactly?? :dk:

just go to Halfords and buy a seat of those fake leather seat covers, would look a damn sight better than it does now.... I guess for £3 - £4k you could have them professionally recoloured, must bet worth it if he is willing to drop the price of the car
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shreck's car :)

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