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    Hi all

    Number one daughter is 17 tomorrow and I bought Leigh (EDZ)'s partners A140 as a commuter for me and a learner car for her. She's not 100% keen on the idea of driving so it's a touch of a gamble.
    My fleet insurance won't add a 17 year old so I was facing a large bill for a separate new policy.
    Spoke with my broker and they now have a new product out which is basically a stand-alone policy for the young driver that sits alongside your own existing insurance. Any claim while she learns is against her, obviously fire or theft are against me. Her policy is voided immediately when/if she passes her test automatically. Weird setup but hugely beneficial.
    1 month £116.50
    2 months £192.00
    3 months £245.00
    4 months £285.00
    5 months £305.00

    5 months is the max time limit, and all the above are "buy it now no refund" prices. You can of course do a 5 month then another one afterwards.

    Could be very useful to those of us that want to teach our kids to drive...

    Oh, and (you won't believe this) it's fully comp!!!!!!
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    A colleague of mine added his 27 year old wife to his policy for just £20 a month . No problem whilst she was a learner , as she was obviously accompanied at all times. However , as soon as she passed her test , their insurers wanted an extra £70 per month.:doh:
  3. Mr E

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    I was checking out prices for our lad as he's 17 in about 6 months. Can't remember who with, but found a learner policy that was about £800 for the year in a similar car. You could cancel when they passed, at which point the price went through the roof.

    As a slight aside, I was talking about this with a friend who's got two young lads. One who's been driving for a couple of years and has found it a struggle to insure anything, and his other who passed his test last year and hasn't driven since because of the price of insurance. They have a people carrier (4 kids) and they thought that putting him on the insurance for that (so that he could get some experience) wouldn't be too bad but insurers wanted over £2k to do it. Explanation was that with the ability to carry 6 mates he was an even greater risk.

    Is it any wonder that some people drive around with no insurance?
  4. grober

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    Clever---accompanied driving for 5 months [I assume the accompanying driver has to be you or someone else on your policy?] 5 months only = should weed out people who will never be able to drive properly , potentially hooks you into buying a full insurance policy when she passes her test. ;)

    Insurance companies= we don't like "risk" sir :eek:--- we just like counting money.:rolleyes:

    Still if it works for you its a solution of sorts.:thumb:
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    On that basis what about buying an MX5 as a run around for him? You can't fit 5 mates in that:D

    More seriously though I think the problem is that young drivers get "egged" on by their mates or that's how the insurance see it! Consequently when they crash it is now 6 injury cases to deal with whereas years ago most people had never heard of whiplash let alone tried to claim for it:rolleyes:

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