Youngest Merc driver on here then?

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Aug 24, 2008
St Asaph
MX-5 Recaro
Who's the youngest then? Am I old before my time?

27 with an E-Class.
I got mine when I was 27
I had my CLK in 2003 when i was 24
There are some student age types around here so 27 doesn't really cut the mustard I'm afraid.:D :devil:
My first MB at 21.

Now on my 3rd at 29ish.
First MB at 26, looking for my 5th and im 30 in 2 weeks
First car was a 190E, at 18. I dont know how many Ive had since. Ive defected from the brand on 2 cars, but loyal on the whole.
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my w202 1.8 petrol is my first car, i still have that since i was 17.
ive had mercedes since i was 17 and just passed my test :)

But well done on the new motor :):bannana:
Does my Daughter win... 17 months old


OK. Change the question? Who was conceived in a Merc?!!:D
I joined in 2003 when I had just turned 23. At the time, I had a 8 year old W202

Bought my own flat 6 months later, do I win a prize? :D
I had a W124 230E when I was 17. Going from FWD Vauxhall Corsa BSM car to a RWD Merc was some step - I remember being so nervous with such a big car on my first day of driving :eek:

I then moved up to the E320 Coupe when I was 19 :)

Your insurance company must have LOVED YOU!!:devil:

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