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Post a video review of your car - A bit of fun

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by RyanMuller, Aug 14, 2016.

  1. RyanMuller

    RyanMuller Hardcore MB Enthusiast

    Mar 5, 2016
    C32 AMG
    Hello all,

    So I went for a drive in the C32 for the first time in a while after all the problems I had, and I decided to take my camera with me.

    I thought it would be a bit of a laugh to hear about people's reviews on their own cars, what problems you have had and what you enjoy about your merc- Oh, and we get to hear what your car sounds like!

    All just a bit of harmless fun. Here is my terribly edited video! It's pretty cringe, but #yolo


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  2. StuartK

    StuartK Hardcore MB Enthusiast

    Nov 14, 2015
    F82 M4
    Lol you nutter! :D
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