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W208 clk roof issue

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Sparkyg1000, Jan 10, 2017.

  1. Sparkyg1000

    Sparkyg1000 New Member

    Dec 17, 2016
    Clk kompressor
    New here so hope this is in the right place if not I'm sorry.

    The roof on my clk doesn't seem to be working correctly. I unlatch from the front and pull the button up it unlatches the rear part of roof and lifts it up. Then the problem arises. When it comes to working the rear deck ( don't know proper name ). It seems to just want to pull it down all the time and won't release the catch. So I use the over ride and lift up the rear deck then if I try and use the switch it just flashes as it's knocked it out os sequence. I lift up the rear deck and fold roof down manually then close rear deck and se over ride to lock into place. Then I switch ignition of and on to reset system. So it's now down and locked and looking good. I then go and press button to raise roof. Rear deck unlatches and raises up roof comes out boot and rear window part raises up and then another issue the rear deck won't lower back down. It's like it pushing it upwards instead of pulling it down.

    Any help would be great fully appreciated. I am technically minded trained mechanic who works for the Rac who generally can work my way round most things but this has me scratching my head
  2. SpoonJar

    SpoonJar Hardcore MB Enthusiast

    Sep 24, 2013
    W208 CLK55 AMG

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