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W209 Xenon headlight Issue please help :)

Discussion in 'Electronics' started by clk320x, Jan 3, 2017.

  1. clk320x

    clk320x Hardcore MB Enthusiast

    Sep 27, 2016
    CLK320 W209, AMG styling, Facelifted Dash, 18" AMG wheels, Pioneer SPH-DA120 App Radio
    Hi guys,

    I wonder if someone could offer some advice/ has had any experience with a similar problem.

    My xenon dipped beams have been presenting problems for me lately and it's really driving me mad now :)

    Ok so basically, when I switch on the car sometimes both headlights/ one headlight (either side) will Not work. And I will be presented with an error message for the relevant bulb.

    However if the car is restarted a few times, sometimes either one or both of the bulbs will fire up. Once started the bulbs perform flawlessly, no flickering etc & the relevant error message will disappear.

    When the car is then subsequently switched off and on, sometimes the bulbs will start up again first time or one/ both will not work again. Until restarted again etc etc Which is very very odd in my opinion.

    Some days both lights will work perfectly for the entire day through many restarts etc. This issue has made me hesitant to switch the car off once the lights are working haha.

    I visited a local garage however they mentioned replacing both the ballasts which is £1000's apparently? Really don't think this is correct as they just saw the car and said this is the issue etc. Feel like they just want my money :(

    Anyway I'd really appreciate anyone's help, I spoke to PCS however missed my appointment as Nan passed away and was busy with family etc. However Olly did mention a grounding issue or earth straps over email which seems like it could be the issue.

    Anyone have any ideas? Or even better could take a look at this for me?

  2. whitenemesis

    whitenemesis Hardcore MB Enthusiast

    May 7, 2007
    Lexus RC300h F-Sport 2016
    My immediate thought was a bad earth...

    Take it down to Olly

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