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    C63/E63 AMG Used front brake disc and calliper wanted please.

    ask a local indie, they should have loads of discs lying about!
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    SL55 Engine making a loud whining noise on idle - video included

    hard to tell, could be a pulley, charger may need oil change, oil pump..... get it to. good indie... a bad one will change the lot
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    W211 Bonnet Latch

    probably cable unlatched itself best to get it somewhere with a ramp, still a PITA though
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    W211 Bonnet Latch

    This happened on mine once when the cable was not put back properly, but in my case im sure it was the drivers side, that was accessed from below but a few bits needed removing to get to the cable. It it the latch or has the cable slipped out?
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    E63 first timer

    Personally id wait a while till the restrictions ease, it seems the sellers aren't selling because of it, there seems to be a real decline of cars on the market at the moment and the ones that are there have a premium. good luck with the search.
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    Pot hole crash CLS

    glad your ok mate, cars can always be replaced....
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    Keyless Go Handles, swap possible?

    as above, just leave them as they are and carry on using as normal handles.
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    Replacing door pins on W166 ML & GLE

    what Dave said, there is a post somewhere on here.
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    211 e63, loved or not?

    yes you are correct, even though the styling on the E63 is better, the electrics and brakes better, the engine is not as desirable due to a number of factors. Price point on them is also too high hence they end up on forecourts for months! If you get on for the right price point , they are a...
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    Notwen's CLK55 AMG

    lovely looking car, definitely a good choice.
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    Keyless Entry Theft From Driveway

    Sadly its one of the most common theft methods at the moment. Tracker is the way to go, together with a steering lock and also a faraday pouch, but it they want it they will take it via burglary, assault etc etc..... all we can do is make it as hard as possible so they move on to an easier target.
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    Familiar E55 W211 Moved to New Home Further North

    she's still looking good Pat, glad to see your looking after her for me ;) As for the wheels, I don't those had ever seen a refurb, all original., I use a good refurb place in Essex, but diamond cut wheels do start going milky at the slightest chip, all depends how hard the replacement lacquer is.
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    W211 E55 Coolant leak/smell

    if it is the pump go for the part number ending "010" this is the upgraded Bosch pump.
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    E55 W211 ex VX220/TT/Seat/BMWs

    Put in in sport mode 2 and they ride lovely, if its still bouncy and wallows then it might be weak rear shocks. You can't go wrong with a 211 E55, the tech is dated , but a lot of it for the era. driving these is the best thing you can do, otherwise the gremlins get angry and you see more of...
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    W219 CLS 63 Exhaust mod, require guidance.

    Just replace the rear boxes with C63 ones. easiest option, id leave the cats and middle silencer too. Headers will add to the sound and give it the correct amount of rumble, this is the setup i had in my e55 and it was spot on.
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