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    S212 rear suspension puzzle

    Have the same issue on my car. 2010 E350 CDI Estate which I have owned since 2012 and now on about 66k miles. Just pre-lockdown, so early March, I noted that it was leaning on one side. I took it in to my indi who had the car for 3 days but reported that there was no drop. Said that...
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    optional extras and prices

    Are MB still producing hard copy brochures? I thought they had moved towards PDF versions for which you can then only generally find the very latest version online.
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    Approved Used Oddity

    Not posted here for a while but just thought I'd share my odd experience when wanting to go look at an approved used vehicle. Currently considering a replacement for my S212 but in no rush and waiting for the right car at the right price to turn up. In the weekend between Xmas and New Year I...
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    Did Mercedes con me?!

    Don't sound like any sort of 'con' to me. Is a used car and as said it is not going to be perfect. You needed to do you homework prior to the purchase For example, whatever wheels the car has (and tyre sizes aside mentioned earlier in the thread) the design of 19" and 20" wheels is likely to...
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    Cost of big finance.

    Can be interpreted as - you just need a raise the cash to buy your first Ferrari and then a dealer will effectively pay you to drive it around for a bit. LOL!
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    E class 7 seater question

    Tongue in cheek S211 E63 Wagon review. Rear facing seats at the 6-minute mark.
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    W212, which one?

    I have a similar usage pattern to the OP and can't say that a mere 6-mile round trip to the station daily in a diesel has resulted in any issues at all in a good few years of ownership - I live in Sussex and commute to London by train. I owned an S211 E320 CDI for 5 years and averaged about...
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    W212 - Cracked Headlight Lens Repair

    Don't know if you saw this thread about headlamp removal: 2014 E250 W212 Headlight removal help Looks like quite a bit of work. Though not particularly tricky imho, requires time, patience and maybe an extra pair of hands. On that basis, I wouldn't want to be installing a possibly second...
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    MB change extended warranty rules

    Answers above on payout but not relative to the cost of warranty? Not meaning to be facetious but is akin to a gambler only telling you about those times when the horse he backed came in. Warranties are just another form of insurance policy and those who calculate the premiums collectively need...
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    How to find VIN with registration plate?

    Unfortunately those that had the required access to be able to provide this have recently had this taken away. If you have placed a deposit on the car, you should just be able to get the VIN from the seller surely?
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    VIN from Reg number needed

    OK - thanks anyway. Is a considered purchase (bells and whistles S213). Wanting to do as much background as poss.
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    VIN from Reg number needed

    Would be obliged if you kind sirs could translate YA17 KBK please and thank you!
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    Anyone know this Silver E55 for sale

    But has been trading since 2010 under different names. Your warning above goes for any car you look at almost any dealer - more so when you are looking at a high end performance car of a certain vintage. So needs to be judged on its own merits and you run through the same set of checks you...
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    FLAC Audio in Music Register Command

    Don't know for certain but would be surprised if it did. The primary purpose of FLAC file is storage not playback. So it stores music in compressed (so it takes up less space) and lossless so that you have CD quality. Most playback devices don't support FLAC since you need to have the...
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    Correct 19" winter tyre size for 63 plate e63

    Out of interest, is there not any suggestion that it would be even better to downsize to 18s? I would have thought that smaller wheels offer a 'better' shape of contact patch for winter (and these are probably the smallest that will fit over the brake calipers) - it's about practicality rather...
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