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    Cleaning dirty calipers....

    When not so nice black is your friend . Hides both the shame and brake dust , lol . I've been using smooth black Hammerite for years . Wot no rust !
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    this has got to hurt

    Frack me , that's got to be a KO .
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    What does everyone thing of this car ramp product?

    My vintage plastic ones are looking suitably robust .
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    how to fit brabus d4 chip for v250d ( v class)

    Is this a sensor fooling tuning box or a piggy back ecu ?
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    Cleaning dirty calipers....

    Silver depends on how nice the calipers are !
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    Powerflex Bushes
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    New Vosssens on my C63

    Those AMG calipers are screaming to be done !
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    Cheap oil deal

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    Year ? 7 or 9 speed ?
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    In what model ?
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    Chip for a 2006 SPRINTER 2.7 416 CDI

    100 bar isn't much . Chocolate injectors for you . How do the Sprinters with OM651's fair ?
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    Chip for a 2006 SPRINTER 2.7 416 CDI

    The extra and earlier torque makes the engine more flexible thus makes any vehicle easier to drive .
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    Good Evening MB's...

    How does the first part of your chassis number read ?
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    30K MILE W204 C63 CHEAP

    For an extra 20K you get the rest of the car .
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    Good Evening MB's...

    That's a S205 .
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