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    New Interior Trim

    Hi All. Does any member know of, or can recommend a none Mercedes Benz. new parts supplier? i am looking for new, rear armrest panels for my 2001, CLK 320 convertible, someone once told me that OEM's like Mercedes Benz only need to make spare parts for 10 years after the model as ceased, so...
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    Interior Light Consul

    Thanks whitenemesis, i have checked all that, but what is OCP ?
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    Interior Light Consul

    Hi all. Last night when i got out of the car, i was aware the 2 large interior lights had not come on ? the 2 small ones had. This morning I began to check the fuse panels, but i could not find any fuse marked "Map Light" i could only find referenceces to "Courtesy Light" Opt1 OptR . I...
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    TILT sensor?

    Hi all. Does anyone know the location of the above sensor? part # A202 820 74 26 in my 2001, W208, CLK 320 Convertible? Regards Ray
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    Interior part numbers?

    Hi Bob6600 My VIN is WDB 208 4652T101364
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    Interior part numbers?

    Hi, yes it looks like #68
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    Interior part numbers?

    Hi All. I have a 2001, CLK 320 (W208) Cabriolet. I need a replacement interior panel for it. I have searched many parts sites on the internet, but no joy, Can anyone help please? I am looking for the part number for the plastic trim, that goes the full width of the car, at the top of the...
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    TILT sensor

    Hi, Yes i have the dashboard switch, the diagnostics where carried out on a MB Star machine so i assume it's good.
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    TILT sensor

    Hi. I have reason to believe my TILT sensor is faulty, this is why my alarm goes off for no apparent reason. Does anyone know the MB part number? my car is a 2001 CLK 320 (W208)
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    Tow away sensor?

    Hi all. Has anyone know the location of the above sensor, some call it a level sensor, it's for my 2001, CLK 20 Cabriolet (W208)
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    Parktronic ECU

    Hi all. Can anyone tell me where the above is located on a 2001 CLK 320 Cabriolet (W208)?
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