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    Mrs hates it

    My Mrs has also hated every single car I’ve brought and 6 months later, she loves it. My response to her during those early months is - it’s my car and I get to choose. I’ve got to have one thing that entirely my decision :)
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    Decent dog crate for E Class estate S213

    Apologies everybody. I was out of circulation for a while but all good now. Looking at the Mercedes drivers recommendation so thanks for the suggestion 😀
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    Decent dog crate for E Class estate S213

    Hi all. can anybody recommend a decent dog crate for a E class S213 estate boot that still leaves room for some luggage. Thanks in advance.
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    Living with a W212 E63 Biturbo............1 year on.

    Another great write up. Keep them coming
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    Facelift E class - anyone seen one on the road

    Seen a couple Sean. Tbh just looks like a big Aclass saloon. Ditto It’s lost it’s personality
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    Mercedes GLE Coupe AMG 53 2021 With Crazy Colour Interior

    It’s a no from me. The combination of it with carbon weave is just too much
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    C63 W204 - Values

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    MB E Class 220d as towcar.

    Thanks. Good to know it can be coded outside the dealership. Will look into it again once restrictions are lifted
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    MB E Class 220d as towcar.

    What year is yours? and, was it coded?
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    A35 4Matic Inoperable message

    On a roll here with first time posters. Welcome all.
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    MB E Class 220d as towcar.

    Good car choice. I have the same car in Amg line premium spec and remember looking into this a while ago. MB dealers can fit a tow bar for you and I got an eye watering quote for £2097 including parts and labour. I did look into 3rd party installation but apparently the car needs to be coded...
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    Newbie saying hi

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    C43 Amg advise please

    I thought they reduce this to one year. Is this not the case?
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    E53 - is it a compromise for a full fat E63?

    That’s the main reason I was considering it as I was looking to combine a E220 estate and a C63
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