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    Mercedes W210 2001 wing/bumper bolts

    Hello. Wanted to take my front bumper off however I think one of the previous owner has had the bumper off and used the wrong bolts on the bumper ears (next to the arches) where the bumper screws into the wing. Basically one bolt head has broken off already and I would like to replace them with...
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    W210 head light conversion

    Hi, all the above have valid points and I'm not fully aware of the legality side of it however from a practicality point of view, changing the headlights are very straightforward, (some useful videos on Youtube). The main issue you could face, as I did, is rusty bolts especially the one on the...
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    W210 E320 CDI lights lightly flashing 'beating'

    Hello I have a 2000 E320 CDI. Recently the interior and exterior lights flash, ever so lightly, but noticeable. The dash lights and headlights are the ones I notice when I'm driving or stationary in traffic. Any help would be great. Thanks
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    Looking for 215 55 16 tyres

    Hello Would anyone be able to suggest where to find competitively priced? Looking to replace all 4 on my W210.
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    W124 Saloon & Coupe rear bumpers

    Hello Just wanted to confirm if the rear bumpers from the saloon and coupe have the same fitting? I know from the outside they differ from pre-facelift to facelift however I wasn't 100% sure of the fitted on the same.
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    W210 interior lights flash

    Hi I have a 2000 E320 CDI. Can anyone tell me why the interior lights for the speedo, heater controls, roof lights etc are lightly dimming/flashing? Its very light flash, almost like dimming, but it is noticeable. The lights increase and and then dim.
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    Semi or fully synthetic oil?

    I get 10w40 on the Shell site and 0w40 ob the Castrol site.
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    Semi or fully synthetic oil?

    Hi I have a 2000 E320 CDI (3226cc) and while I've checked the grade of oil to use, 10w40, its come up as part synthetic. I would have expected this to be fully synthetic. Is this right? I know age and mileage of car is a factor and how it is used however i would have expected fully synthetic...
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    1995 W124 Instrument and heater control lights not working

    Thought I'd update the bulbs inside with canbus to give not only a clean white light but stronger too
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    1995 W124 Instrument and heater control lights not working

    That did it. Thought I was gentle enough but obviously not! Do either of you recommend upgrading the speedo (and other interior bulbs I guess) to the canbus/led?
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    W124 front wings. Where to buy?

    Hi all. Age old question which I bet has been asked before a couple times ;). Where can I get front wings from for my 1995 W124? Are aftermarket copy wings ok or must they be original? Original wings are hard to come by and I can imagine them going for a few quid. How much should I pay for a...
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    1995 W124 Instrument and heater control lights not working

    Hello I have a 1995 W124 E220. The instrument/speedo clock lights are not working and nether are the centre heater control lights illuminating. I have checked and changed the fuse and still nothing. I doubt all the bulbs have blown out all at the same time. Any suggestions?
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    Oil grade for W124 E220

    Thanks everyone. Mines a 1995 E220 with around 70k on the clock. I was thinking of putting in semi synthetic but then thought fully synthetic would be a better for the engine. I'll give Mercedes a ring in the morning to confirm.
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    Oil grade for W124 E220

    Hello Can anyone tell me the correct grade of oil for a 1995 W124 E220 petrol? And any pointers of where the best price is to buy? Thanks
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    clay bar before or after

    Me personally, to do it properly if the car is in a bad state can take 2 days start to finish. Wash car, twice if need be. Clay bar, plenty of detailing spray. Once all the detailing liquid has been wiped clean, polish the car, with a machine of need be. Wipe clean and then you can use a...
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