1. R

    Breather a111 018 23 82 replacement?

    Where can we find one? I tried google and eBay and the closest I can get is the USA. I'm looking at improvising from an unused hydraulic pipe or something. Mine was so brittle from the cam cover side.
  2. WG M-B

    W202 ignition module pt 018 545 1132

    As above Looking for one of these in good working order Terry
  3. Mercedes cozy

    Mercedes C200 PMS UNIT ECU 018 545 11 32 for sale

    Very Rare, hard to come by Mercedes part number 018 545 11 32 If your car is mis-firing on two cylinders, this is the most likely cause. PM me for details. UNit has been tested, can be seen working.
  4. wongl

    Is there a MAF in W202 018 ?

    I have recently replace the MAF in my R reg W202 078 (this is the section near the air filter) and this has made a big difference to the performance of the car. However I also have an older N reg W202, but this does not have a MAF section after the air filter. So does it have an air flow...
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