1. D

    1998 S Mercedes C230 Kompressor Sport saloon (Manual) £1750

    (I've copied this advert off my for sale ad on the Cliosport forum so apologies if I state the obvious sometimes on here!) I've got a really good condition Merc C230 Kompressor (rare manual) on 104k that I want to sell so I can get another Clio 172 to play with. It's really comfortable, quiet...
  2. J

    Oil filter removal tool £17.50????

    Went to the dealer last week to get the oil filter removal tool and they said it was around £17.50 and they don't carry them in stock. I've heard several different prices for these. Is there more than one type of tool? It's for a w124 E220 1995. Someone said that they should only cost £5ish...
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