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    2007/57 Mercedes Cls63 Amg 17k miles

    Mercedes Benz Cls63 Amg 2007/57 plate Mileage 16994 (currently,vehicle not in daily use but might creep up slightly) Sadly the time has come to sell my Mercedes Benz Cls63 due to struggling to get in and out of the car something higher up is now calling. Enthusiast owned.Full...
  2. K

    SL55 17k with about 17k on the clock?? Cat-C

    Is this advert too good to be true... An SL55 for 17k with about 17k on the clock...? I know its a Cat-C, but surely this is a good bargain. Mercedes : MERCEDES SL55 AMG FULLY LOADED (CHEAP)
  3. 1

    What will 16 - 17k buy me?

    Hi everyone, I've been doing my maths and I'm afraid my 320 is going to have to wait awhile! I'm comfortable with spending 16 - 17k what will it buy me in a diesel auto? what should I be watching out for? and does anyone have the right motor coming up in Jan / Feb '08? Appreciate you...
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